The situation in Kashmir turning worse former RAW Chief

In an interview with Indian Express, the former head of Indian spy agency RAW, A S Dulat said that he never felt so scarier about the situation in Kashmir. He said that the situation is even worst then the situation in 1990 when the militant struggle started to flourish. He said " there is a sense of hopelessness. They are not afraid to die. Villagers, students and even girls are coming out on the streets. This has never happened before".

Mr. A S Dulat served in Srinagar as director IB 1980s and then worked as advisor to Prime Minister Vajpayee. He has a long experience and knowledge about Kashmir. He is worried that the young people in Kashmir has lost the fear of their lives. They are proud of being stone pelters.The Kashmir situation has never been so bad.

This is a clear warning and correct reading of the situation by a former spy. But the Indian government is not listening to any wise voice coming from inside India. India has lost the souls and minds of the Kashmiri youth.

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