We have the jurisdiction in Jadhav case says ICJ

ICJ rejected Pakistani arguments regarding the jurisdiction of ICJ in Jadhav case. The ICJ said it has the jurisdiction to hear this case.  ICJ announced its judgment on Thursday in which it stays the hanging of Indian spy till the final decision of ICJ. The ICJ also asked Pakistan to provide counselor access to India. 

ICJ also declare that India failed to prove its case but still they halted the execution of Indian spy. The government of PM Nawaz Sharif came under fire from media and opposition parties to mishandle the case. The government insisting that it fought the case properly and kept all the options open in this case. The Attorney General of Pakistan said that the government stick to its stance of not accepting the jurisdiction of ICJ in this case.

Pakistan is a signatory to ICJ and accept general jurisdiction of this international court. But in this particular case it is arguing that this case related to its national security and ICJ has no right to interfere.

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