Rich tribute paid to Syed Anwer Qadwai

World Columnist Club (WCC) registered, in collaboration with Punjab Institute of language,Arts and Culture (PILAC) organised condolence reference  to paid glowing tribute to senior journalist, columnist and intellectual Syed Anwer Qadwai, who died on 23rd December 2016. Senior journalist and columnist paid rich tribute to Anwer Qadwai for his decades long services for journalism. The speakers shared their memories and experiences working with Qadwai sb. According to his long time associates and friends, he was a humble, cultured and very friendly person. He was a man of integrity and dignity. He was a role model for the journalists.

The condolence reference was presided over by president WCC Zulifqar Rahat and Dr. Sughra Sadaf and Iftikhar Majaz were chief guests. Chairman WCC and leading columnist and intellectual Hafiz Shafiq-u-Rehman opened the discussion and also moderate the proceddings. Hafiz sb paid glowing tribute to Syed Anwer Qadwai. Those who spoke were Salman Abid, Anwar Qamar, Taseer Mustafa, Mobeen Rashid, Shahbaz Anwer Khan,Khawaja jamshed Imam, Mansha Qazi, Fatima Qamar and Mian Imran. Leading columnists and senior journalists inluding Nasif Awan, Farooq Chouhan, Iftikar Khan, Khalid Bhatti,Habibullah Salfi, Shaukat chaudhry and others attended this reference. It was a very well attended condolence reference.

At the end, Hafiz Shafiq-U-Rehman offered fateh for Qadwai sb.

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