PML-N and Minus one formula

Minus one formula once again in the news. People like Ch Nisar and Riaz Hussain Pirzadah now openly asking Nawaz Sharif to step a side to save party. There are many in the PML-N parliamentary party who wanted to see a change of guard at the top. Many parliamentarians asking Shahbaz Sharif to take over party. But Nawaz Sharif is not seem in the mood to scummed to the pressure being exerted from both inside and outside the party.

The problem for the PML-N is that different people is pulling it in different directions to protect their interests. Nawaz Sharif and his family facing corruption charges in the accountability court. There are many question marks around his political future. Its not yet clear what will be the political fall out if Nawaz Sharif convicted on corruption charges. One thing is clear that his vote bank is still intact. How his voters and supporters will react in the case of his conviction is yet to be seen. Nawaz Sharif wants to win the legal and political battle at the same time.  Shahbaz Sharif will be in trouble if Hudaibia paper mill case reopened. Imran Khan and other opposition leaders are now targeting Shahbaz Sharif to stop him becoming next Prime minister. Sharif family is fighting at the two fronts. One is corruption cases and other is to keep PML-N united, live and kicking.

There are three types of parliamentarians in the PML-N. The die hard Sharif loyalists. The opportunistic electables ready to change loyalties all the time. Pro establishment parliamentarians loyal to the party leadership. The die hard supporters and loyalists will stand with the leadership as they did during the Musharaf dictatorship. They will support defiance and anti establishment rhetoric of the leadership. The opportunistic electables will decide according to the mood and wishes of establishment. They will ditch PML-N and join any other party if they realised that PML-N is not going to win the next general elections.   They have no loyalty and sympathy with NS. The pro-establishment loyalists wants to avoid confrontation with powers to be and wants smooth sailing till the general elections in 2018. They will continue to put pressure on the leadership to accept the reality and make compromise with powers to be to win the next general elections. They might not stab in the back of their leader.

This battle and political infighting within PML-N will continue till the decision of accountability court. If NS convicted then te minus one will be practically implemented even for a shorter period of time. If he comes out clean from the court then the minus one formula and all the dissenting voices will be silenced.

If we are a democracy then the people of this country has the ultimate right to minus any one. Any corruption, wrongdoing and misuse of authority should be dealt with laws and courts. But let the people of this country decide the political fate of political leaders and parties. Let the democracy strive. Let the people of this country decide the political fate of Nawaz Sharif and her daughter Maryann Nawaz.

Khalid Bhatti, editor (N&A news)

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