Character certificate will must to get job in UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made it mandatory for expatriates seeking jobs in the UAE to first obtain a certificate of good conduct before applying for a work permit,  The certificate would be issued by either the home country or the country where the candidate has lived for five years. The new regulations will take effect from February 4, 2018, a UAE government body announced.

Every one looking to work in the UAE will need to get the character certificate before applying for a job. No body will be considered for a job without this certificate after February 4, 2018. As per the new rules, the certificate must then be attested by the UAE diplomatic missions or oversees Customer Happiness Centres at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

But people coming to country as tourists and visitors can still arrive without the certificate. The tourists and visitors are exempted from this character certificate clarified the committee. The stated purpose of this move is to make UAE as a safe and secure society.

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