Former Iranian president Ahmadinejad arrested for inciting violence

Iranian authorities arrested former right wing president Ahmadinejad on the allegations of inciting violence and organising protest demonstrations. He will be put under house arrest after the approval from Supreme Leader Khamenie. He was arrested in Shiraz after making strong anti government statements.

His arrest shows the widening rift between the different factions of ruling theocracy. Ahmadinejad never enjoyed good relations with Supreme leader Khamenie. Ahmadinejad himself faced mass protests in 2009 when he was re-elected. The mass movement erupted against alleged rigging. The hard liners put the blame at reformist leaders and arrested them. Two main leaders of the protest movement have been under house arrest since 2009.

Now he has been accused for inciting the violence and organising the clandestine protests. No further details available at the moment. The Iranian parliament held in camera session to discuss the recent protests. There are no official details given regarding the session. The present protest movement posed a serious challenge to the regime. The regime once again used state force and repression to crush the movement.

Small protests are still taking place despite the claims of the revolutionary Guards that they successfully crushed the protest movement. The opposition claiming the death toll around 50 deaths. The protest movement is not over yet. The political crisis still exists. The anger and discontent is still there in the sections of society.     

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