Protest continue for the second day in Kasur

The protests are still going on in Kasur against the gruesome and horrific killing of 8 years old girl Zainab. The stick carrying protestors blocked the roads and burn tyres to stop the traffic. Kasur is boiling with anger as the stick wielding protesters took to streets blocking roads forcing and enforcing market closures for the second consecutive day . An enraged mob on Thursday stormed Dera (political office) of a MPA Naeem Safdar Ansari of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz shortly after prayers for two men killed by Punjab police were offered . The men were killed during protest against rape and murder of Zainab - a minor girl from Kasur - on Wednesday. Police were firing tear gas shells to disperse the protesters and fire tenders were called in to extinguish the fire. The angry protestors also attacked the DHQ hospital.

Seven-year-old Zainab was laid to rest amid scenes of mourning and tears on Wednesday night as hundreds of thousand people attended the funeral prayer of fairy-like innocent girl. Protests broke out in the city soon after the body of seven-year old girl, who went missing last week, was found dumped in a trash pile. It is the 12th such incident of the same nature in Kasur, in which minor girls were molested and murdered after abduction. Culprits, involved in any of these incidents, have not been apprehended.

Protesters took to streets, forcing closure of markets and setting many vehicles on fire.

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