Who will provide justice to Zainab?

Why we need a loss of life or rather lives to awake the sleeping high ups of police, local administration and the government. Many girls were raped and murdered in a certain area of Kasur but nobody cared about that. Our state machinery sprung into action when people in Kasur reacted strongly and media focused on the rape and murder of 8 years old Zainab. She fell prey to a sex predator, who was roaming free on the streets of Kasur after committing heinous crimes. She is a victim of the criminal negligence and pathetic attitude of police.

Police system is not working. Its dysfunctional because it needs Chief Minister’s orders or notice to become functional.   A proper functional system does not need media attention or orders from high ups to perform its functions and duties. It is the prime responsibility of the police to maintain the law and order and to prevent crimes. Why police did not make sure and made effort to trace Zainab when the family reported about the missing girl. We want to know what the police did to recover the girl. Just suspension is not enough for criminal negligence that can cost precious life.

We  would like to know the steps taken by the government after the child sex scandal unearthed in Kasur district to prevent such abuse taking place in the future. Why the JIT recommendations were not implemented. Why the government departments failed to run a social awareness campaign to educate the local communities, teachers and parents to protect their children. What sort of steps and strategy was prepared and implemented to stop child abuse in Kasur and rest of the country.       

Now Chief Minister has taken notice. Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan , Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and Army Chief took notice of the incident. Some suspensions, transfers and show cause notices will satisfy our rulers. But the real issue will remain the same. No body will bother to address the real issue. The real issue is the working, attitude and the capacity of the police and other government departments to prevent such horrific and inhumane incidents. The attitude and behaviour of our state institutions towards the ordinary citizens is a serious issue. If you are not rich, powerful, influential and not part of ruling classes then this system simply ignore your problem and issue.

If our rulers and highest level state officials are serious to provide justice to Zainab, then make sure that this system works for all. Police serve and protect every citizen without looking into ones class, religious believes, caste and gender. Our system is not protecting the most vulnerable sections of the society. Children are the most vulnerable section. They cannot protect themselves against the possible predators and pedophiles. Social awareness is must for children and their parents.

We are least sensitive society as far as the care and protection of children is concerned. Child protection is not our priority. If one wants to judge our sensitivity towards the children of poor families then just saw how many educated middle class and upper middle class families have employed young girls and boys as domestic maids. The lawyers, journalists, bureaucrats, judges, religious leaders, politicians, IT specialists and traders employ them as servants. All these sections are well aware of the laws and Islamic teachings. But they still employ them. The reason is simple. We are not sensitive and caring about the well being and protection of children. The other reason is the class arrogance of our middle and upper classes.

If we are serious to provide justice to Zainab then change our attitude , consciousness and thinking towards children. Adopt zero tolerance policy  not only towards the predators and culprits but also towards state officials showing any negligence, non cooperation and delay to take action. Strict action must be taken against police officials for showing negligence to timely search and recovery of abducted children.   Launch social awareness campaign to educate and senitise the parents, teachers and general public on the protection of children. And most importantly, provide the material conditions in which every children can excel and show its full potential.

Zainab  went through a horrific and barbaric experience. No body can bring her back. But it is our responsibility to provide justice to Zainab. She will be happy to see other children playing safely on our streets. Her pain and ordeal will be reduced to see other children safe. Can our ruler do something to make Zainab happy again.

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