MQM-P gives birth to third group

The infighting in MQM-P gives birth to the third group within the party. The third group is led by parliamentary leader of MQM-P in Sindh assembly Khawaja Izharul Hasan. The leaders of third group were trying to negotiate a settlement between the two factions of MQM-P. But their efforts failed to bring the desired results and finally they decided to form their own group. The group decided to stay away from both the groups of MQM-P.

The members of the third group include Syed Sardar Ahmed, Khawaja Izharul Hasan, Shazia Farooq, Nishat Zia, Amir Moin Peerzada and Muzahir Amir.

The members of new group said, “We will not attend any session of the Sindh Assembly, any meeting of the MQM-P as well as not even cast votes in the Senate elections till the two factions settle their dispute.”

If differences were not resolved till the Senate elections, it would be difficult for the MQM-P to win even a single seat in the upper house, they added.

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