PPP Central Punjab media conference

PPP Central Punjab organised Media conference

Journalism and politics go hand in hand

Information Bureau of PPP Central Punjab organised a  day long conference for PPP social media activists on Sunday 26 January-2020. Three sessions were organised in which party leaders and senior journalists spoke. Syed Hassan Murtaza opened the conference and explained the objectives of the conference.

The conference was organised under the dynamic and energetic leadership of Syed Hassan Murtaza secretary information Central Punjab and Deputy secretary information central punjab Barrister Amir Hassan. Incharge PPP Punjab secretariat Naseem Sabir-media incharge Sajjad Anwer and Usman Awan and other social media team members were part of the organising committee.

First session was presided over by veteran PPP leader-intellectual and incharge study circle Central Punjab Altaf Qureshi. Barrister Amir Hassan moderated the first session on print media. Senior Journalists Wajahat Masood -Imdad Soomro and Khalid Farooqi spoke about print media. They tell the social media activists how to get media coverage and raise the issues of public importance.
Second session was presided over by general secretary Central Punjab Ch.Manzoor Ahmad. Anchorperson Beenish Saleem and  Ejaz Farooqi spoke about electronic media. Ch. Manzoor also addressed the conference and highlighted the role of PPP in the struggle of freedom of media and speech. He also highlighted the negative role  and character assassination campaigns launched to target the PPP leadership. Question-answer session followed by the talk.

The third session on social media was presided over by central secretary information Dr.Nafeesa Shah and MPA Syed Haider Ali Gilani and Samina Pagganwala from Gujrat were also present. 
Social media team Central Punjab told the delegates about the tools of social media. Social media expert Kashif Baloch also spoke in this session. 
It was an interesting interaction between working journalists and political activists. Both sides present their point of views.   
renowned singer Nadeem Abbas Loonywala  entertained the delegates with his melodious singing and music. 
                                           Report by special correspondent Hasnain Shaikh  

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