Why Delhi is burning?

Muslim communities under attack in Delhi

Delhi is burning because it dares to challenge the rising tide of Hindutva and authoritarianism. Delhi is burning because it rejected the politics of hate and divide. It is burning because it refuse to elect a BJP government on a reactionary agenda.
Delhi is burning because the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University-Jamia University and Muslim women of Shaheen Bagh and other areas dare to resist the Citizenship Amendment Act and other measures to further the agenda of Hindutva.
The students-left and progressive activists-women and trade union activists are trying to save the secular Indian constitution- liberal democracy and Indian nationalism. They are resisting the efforts and policies of Modi government to destroy the secular Indian constitution- democracy and Indian nationalism.
The BJP government wants to replace secular constitution with a one based on Hindu majority rule. It wants to turn a democracy into an authoritarian regime with fascist tendencies. It wants to replace Indian nationalism with Hindu nationalism. It wants to replace the Indian identity with Hindu identity.
Delhi is not burning as the result of violent clashes as Indian mainstream media want us to believe. Delhi is burning is burning because RSS-VHP and BD violent mobs are attacking the Muslim communities. They want to teach lesson to Muslim protesters for defying the Modi government on CAA.
BJP-RSS and Sangh Parivar is on a mission to turn Indian state and society into a Hindu state. They are on a mission to destroy and remove every hurdle and resistance that might come in the way. No matter whether it is liberal democracy or secular constitution-every hurdle has to be cleared.
More than 27 people have lost their lives and more than 200 injured in the three days of well planned and targeted mob attacks in North East Delhi. The markets, vehicles, and houses have been torched and destroyed. A mosque and Muslim cemetery also came under attack. 

The real battle and clash that is taking place in India at the moment is not between two religious groups. It is between those who are fighting for the heart and soul of India that India is home is a home for all faiths-nationalities and races and those who believe that India is the home only for Hindus.
It seems a well planned attempt to tame and frighten anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protestors. The mob violence has been used against Muslim communities to send the clear message to others involved in struggle and resistance that same could happen to them. 
In Delhi mob violence-the target seems to be the anti-CAA protest movement. The other purpose seems to be to further impose the Hindutva agenda. The Modi government wants to turn India into a Hindu state. In that process he wants to destroy the Indian democracy and constitution.
He has targeted the Muslim communities to start with. But he will not stop there. Like Hitler in Nazi Germany started with Jews but later he targeted the trade union movement- social democrats-communists- socialists and even liberals. Hitler took advantage of the infighting between Social democrats and communists. They failed to form a United Front against fascism. Indian opposition is making the same mistake. Indian Left and working class movement needs to form a United Front with Congress and other opposition parties to stop the Modi.  
The RSS-BD and VHP cadres are being used to organised violent attacks against Muslim communities in North East Delhi which became symbol of resistance against Citizenship Amendment Act. Modi government wants to break this center of resistance and struggle.
The media is describing the state sponsored violence in Delhi as clashes between anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protesters and Pro-Citizenship Amendment Act protestors. This description creates the impression that pitched battles are taking place on the streets in Delhi.
The reality is that well organised RSS-BJP and BD mobs armed with swords- guns-axes-sticks and knifes are attacking the Muslim neighbourhoods. In some instances- Muslim youth did tried to defend themselves and retaliate with stones and sticks. But these are isolated incidents in which Muslim mobs clashed with violent Hindu mobs in retaliation.
The mainstream media is trying to hide the fact that what happening in Delhi is not a spontaneous reaction or sudden provocation as a result of an incident or event but a well calculated and politically motivated move to punish those who dare to challenge the Modi government.

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