Biden has won 9 out 14 primaries on Super Tuesday

Joe Biden has swept Southern states

Former vice president and candidate to win presidential nomination of Democratic Party Joe Biden has swept through most of the Southern states on Super Tuesday. He won Alabama-Virginia-North Carolina-Tennessee and Arkansas with comfortable lead against his main rival Bernie Sanders.
These states are strongholds of right wing Republican Party of president Donald Trump. Donald Trump won most of the southern states in 2016 presidential elections.

Biden surprisingly showed better performance in Massachusetts, Maine and Texas states. All the surveys and polls gave Bernie Sanders lead over Biden in these three states but Biden has shown strong support.
The Biden has also taken lead for the first time in overall delegates. He has won 390 delegates against Bernie Sanders 324 so far. The situation will become clearer in next couple of hours after the completion of all the results.
It seems that the decision of  Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Senator Klobuchar's support played important role in the victory of Biden in at least 4 states. They both withdraw from the race and endorsed Biden. Their support helped him to win Massachusetts- Minnesota- Maine and Texas. 
                                             Khalid Bhatti    

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