California went for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders won Utah-California-Colorado and Vermont primaries

The results are still coming in after 14 states hold Democratic Party primaries on Super Tuesday. One third of delegates are up for grab. Socialist Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders have won Utah-California-Colorado and Vermont state primaries. He is tied with Biden in Texas which is too close to call so far.
Bernie took early comfortable lead in California-Vermont-Utah and Colorado and hold on to his early advantage and won comfortably. In California he has taken a wide lead against Biden and Bloomberg and likely to win most of the delegates in the largest state. Biden has slipped to third position as Bloomberg rises to second position.
In Texas and Maine-he took early lead but now trailing at the moment. In Maine after 74% results have been declared so far-Biden leading with 34% votes against the Bernie’s 33% votes so far. In Texas Biden now leading with 31% votes against the 29% votes of Bernie Sanders as 72% results declared so far.  
Texas is decisive for both candidates as to take lead in delegates. Texas has 228 delegates to be awarded to top three candidates. Bernie has surprisingly lost in Massachusetts and Maine to Biden.
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