Italy becomes worst hit country by coronavirus epidemic

4,800 deaths reported in Italy

Italy is in the grip of COVID-19 pandemic. The death toll in Italy has surpassed China as 627 people died in a single day yesterday. The death toll crossed 4,800 and more people are getting infection on daily basis. Despite the lockdown in Italy-the virus is continued to spread.
There is lesson that other nations can learn from Italy- the lockdown is effective before the outbreak of virus. Once it spread to different cities and areas-it become difficult to contain. The Italian government did not take the first few cases seriously and failed to take containing measures.
The best way to contain the coronavirus is to impose lockdown before the outbreak. Don’t wait for the spread to impose the lockdown to save lives.  
The Italian government tried to save the economy and showed reluctance in imposing the lockdown. Now both human lives and economy are suffering. Italy reported its worst single day, adding another 627 fatalities and taking its reported total to 4,032 despite government efforts to stem the spread.  
Italy reported its worst single day, adding another 627 fatalities and taking its reported total to 4,032 despite government efforts to stem the spread. 

According to French news agency AFP- The global death toll have reached 11,129 deaths- the majority in Europe (5,976) and Asia (3,432). Over 258,930 cases have been confirmed in 163 countries since the start of the pandemic. Spain, the second most-affected country in Europe, became just the fourth country in the world after China, Italy and Iran.
Health care systems in Italy are reported to be at a breaking point as the hospitals turning away the patients due to the lack of space. The overcrowded hospitals are not in the position to cope with rising number of patients. The underfunded public health services stand exposed. There is shortage of medical staff and ventilators.
The government in Italy has imposed tighter control on the people’s movement. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced to extend the original April 03 deadline of lockdown. No new date has been announced. Italians are only allowed leave their homes to buy food or medicine. Police have already cited 43,000 people for breaking the new rules.
Attilio Fontana, the regional governor of Lombardy region- where the coronavirus has hit hardest, has said that medical efforts are struggling to keep up. “We will soon be unable to give a response to those who fall ill.” In the town of Bergamo, an Italian daily newspaper reported a convoy of military trucks being used to transport coffins to cremation sites as morgues struggle to cope.
Italian Prime Minister has urged EU leaders to open up the 500 billion-euro bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), “The route to follow is to open ESM credit lines to all member states to help them fight the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic,” said the prime minister.
                                                 Rukhsana Manzoor deputy editor

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