Lombardy is the epicentre of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy

Army deployed to enforce the lockdown

Lombardy is the epicentre of COVID-19 pandemic in Italy as death toll in the region has surpassed 3,000. 546 people has fallen victim to this epidemic. Lombardy is the worst affected region in Northern Italy. This region has been ravaged by the virus.
Lombardy is known as the fashion centre of Europe as Milan is the main city of this region.Milan is the centre of fashion industry along with Paris in France.  A favourite place of tourists looks deserted since the outbreak of COVID-19.  
Italy has announced that it had recorded its worst day for Covid-19 deaths, when 783 people died across the country between in last 24 hours. It seems worst in Lombardy compare to Wuhan, China. The situation is getting out of control.  
The hospitals are not taking more patients in the region as they have no space left to treat the new patients. The hospitals are already overcrowded. There is shortage of ventilators in the hospitals.
The Italian military has been deployed in Lombardy to enforce strict quarantine measures which have been put in place to try and curb the spread of the virus. Soldiers have also been seen assisting relief efforts in the region.
The situation in Lombardy has become so severe that, earlier this week, the army had to move dozens of coffins from the cemetery in Bergamo town to other areas. The local funeral providers were not in the position to cope with the situation.  
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