63% pakistani people support smart lockdown strategy of PM Imran Khan

52% people satisfied with government's handling of COVID-19 pandemic

According to survey conducted by Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) and published on Thursday, July 02, 63% people in Pakistan supported PM Imran's policy of smart lockdown.   A majority of Pakistanis support Prime Minister Imran Khan's approach and handling of the prevalent coronavirus situation.
It is good news for PTI government that majority of people are satisfied with its handling of cOVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Imran Khan consistently opposed the strategy of complete lockdown. On the other hand overwhelming majority of senior doctors, health experts and doctor’s associations are still arguing for the complete lockdown. But majority of people agree with PM Imran Khan’s position.  
The report showed that among the 52  of the "satisfied" Pakistanis, 25 percent said the performance was "very good" and 27 percent believe it was "good". On the other hand, a substantial 42 percent seem dissatisfied with the prime minister's response to the pandemic — 14 percent said that the Centre showed "bad" performance while 28 percent said it was "very bad".
When comparing Sindh government's policy seeking a complete lockdown and Prime Minister Imran Khan's "smart lockdown" strategy, the majority of the people rooted for the premier.
Only 21% approved of Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah's strategy of complete lockdown.
                                                           Rukhsana Manzoor deputy editor

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