What IPOR survey has revealed about the popularity of political parties?

Employment is the  most important issues for people-IPOR survey

The findings of Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) survey has revealed the latest political trends in Pakistan. The surveys just reflect the general feelings and thinking about the issues and political parties. It reflects general mood of people. So the findings of surveys can change quickly with the change in the situation. Some people doubt the results of surveys and they simply reject them. This survey was conducted by IPOR, the same research agency that successfully predicted PTI victory in 2018 elections. 
The IPOR poll of 1,702 adults was conducted during June 19-30 through Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews (CATI) had 54 percent of respondents from Punjab, 23 percent Sindh, 17 percent KP, 6 percent Balochistan.
The survey consisted of 54 percent male participants and 46 percent female. Of these, 19 percent were from the age group 18-25, 47 percent were between 26 and 40 years old, 20 percent were between 41 and 50, and 14 percent were above 50 years of age.

Political findings

PML-N has become the most popular political party in the country. PTI slipped to second spot. for the very first time since elections of July 2018, the PML-N has surpassed PTI in its popularity with 32 percent of the respondents said they will vote for PML-N, While 29 percent said PTI. 13 percent respondents said they would vote for the PPP.
PML-N is leading in Punjab with big margin against ruling PTI. If elections are going to be held next week,  the survey showed that in Punjab 50 percent respondents would vote for the PML-N and 31 percent for PTI. 
PTI is still the dominating party in KPK. In KP 45 percent respondents would vote for the PTI and 12 percent for PML-N. While JUI-F, ANP and PPP are closely behind.
PPP is still the most popular party in Sindh.  In Sindh 35 percent respondents would vote for the PPP, 18 percent for PTI and 10 percent for PML-N.  
PPP is surprisingly leading in Balochistan among the national parties.  In Balochistan 16 percent respondents would vote for the PPP, 12 percent for MMA, 10 percent for PkMAP and 8 percent for PTI. Both the BAP and BNP are also  popular in certain areas. 
27% respondents think that Shahbaz Sharif is better choice to solve the problems.  While 22% thinks Imran Khan is better choice. Only 5% consider Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as better choice. 

Imran khan as prime Minister

In the survey, 46 percent respondents believe that Imran Khan will be a good prime minister, while 44 percent believe he would be bad. 21 percent respondents support Imran Khan for ‘change’; 19 percent for honesty and development work; and 16 percent for fight against corruption. Those respondents who disapprove of him cite lack of political experience (22 percent); bad for country (15 percent) and U-turns and non-seriousness (11 percent).
Budget 2020-21
On the budget, 52 percent respondents expressed dissatisfaction, while 21 percent respondents supported it.

Employment as the main issue 

About the single most important issue facing Pakistan, 26 percent respondents said unemployment, 14 percent thought it was loadshedding, 13 percent said it was corruption, 12 percent believe inflation is the main issue, while 8 percent each believe drinking water and poverty are the main issues of Pakistan.

COVID-19 Vaccination

The survey revealed that 33 percent of the respondents believed that the carelessness exhibited by masses was the reason for the spread of the virus, while 11 percent believe that a "lenient" lockdown was behind the spread.

The report also said that a majority of the population, 67 percent, are ready to get themselves vaccinated if a vaccine for the novel virus is available in Pakistan while 25 percent expressed doubts and said they would not get vaccinated.
Explaining the reason behind not getting vaccinated, 19 percent of respondents said it couldn't be trusted, 17 percent believed it wasn't needed, 15 percent expressed the virus was nothing but a rumour, and 13 percent claimed it would kill them.

Wrong direction of the country

To a question, that thinking about the country as a whole, are the things heading in the right direction or the wrong direction, 35 percent respondents said things are headed in right direction, while 64 percent said things are headed in wrong direction.

                                                                Khalid Bhatti 


  1. If this were true, then it's not just pmln and pop that's corrupt, it's the whole pakistani nation. We already know that both these political parties have ties with flour, sugar and electricity. Unsurpisingly all of these things increased in price due to wide spread curruption. That's not imran Khan's fault. The police, and judiciary need to take responsibility and so do the Bhutto, Zardari and Sharif family. I hope the people of Pakistan see the hard work that is being done in Pakistan by PTI, so that a corruption free nation will emerge, from the swamps of pakistani corruption by palm and pop.


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