KPK schools reported 225 coronavirus cases since reopening in September

 KPK has reported 38,076 coronavirus infections so far while more than 12,00 deaths

A report from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Health Department has revealed that the province's schools have registered 225 coronavirus cases after reopening. The period covered in the study was from September 15 to October 3, the health department said.

The test results of 17,090 students, teachers, and other staff came out negative, while 4,096 results were still awaited. The ratio of positive coronavirus cases in schools stood at 1.25%, the report said, adding that over 1,500 samples were being collected daily from the schools.

The report further said that 22,222 samples have been collected from teachers, students, and staff, to date. The samples were being collected randomly from schools in 17 districts, it added. According to official data, KP has recorded a total of 38,076 coronavirus infections, more than 1,200 deaths, and over 36,000 recoveries.

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