Nearly 4 million American voters cast the ballots in early voting

 Early voting trend suggest record voter turnout in November 03 elections

The big number of American voters is casting their votes in early voting. The November 03 presidential elections are now just one month away. The early voting trends suggest record voter turnout in November 03 presidential elections.

With four weeks to go before Election Day, more than 4 million Americans already have voted, more than 50 times the 75,000 at this time in 2016, according to the United States Elections Project, which compiles early voting data.

The record number of voters across America prefers to vote earlier or by mail. Many states have made arrangements to facilitate mail voting on huge scale due to COVID-19 pandemic. America is the worst affected country in the world. More people are opting for early voting to avoid the Election Day queues and rush at the polling stations.

The numbers reported so far come from 31 states and will grow rapidly as more states begin early in-person voting and report absentee mail-in totals in the next few weeks. All but about a half-dozen states allow some level of early in-person voting.

The percentage of voters who cast their ballot at a voting machine on Election Day already had been in steady decline before this year, according to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, a federal agency.

The total number of early or mail-in votes more than doubled from nearly 25 million in 2004 to 57 million in 2016, it said, representing an increase from one in five of all ballots cast to two in five of all ballots cast.

Many voters want to oust Trump from the presidency, so they are eager to cast their ballots earlier. Some election experts are predicting the turnout around 65% or 150 million votes, the highest since 1908 presidential elections.

 Biden leads Trump in national opinion polls, although surveys in crucial battleground states indicate a tighter race.
Nearly 5% of Democrats nationwide said they had already voted compared to 2% of Republicans. About 58% of Democrats planned to vote early compared to 40% of Republicans.
In the crucial battleground state of Florida, Democrats have requested more than 2.4 million mail-in ballots and returned 282,000, while Republicans have asked for nearly 1.7 million and returned more than 145,000.
Trump has railed against mail-in voting, making unfounded accusations that it leads to fraud. Experts have said such fraud is rare. Those attacks by the president have shown signs of depressing Republican interest in voting by mail. Democrats have more than doubled the number of returned mail-in ballots by Republicans in seven states that report voter registration data by party, according to the Elections Project.
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