39% people in Punjab disagree with Nawaz Sharif's hard hitting speech

 33% people agree with Nawaz Sharif's anti-establishment stance

The Gallup Pakistan recently conducted a survey on former PM Nawaz Sharif's hard-hitting speech he made during APC of opposition parties. He then made similar speeches in CEC and CWC meetings of PML-N. A heated debate started since then. 

According to the findings of survey, 39% people in Punjab disagree with former PM while 33% agree with his stance. 24% said they neither agreed nor disagreed with Nawaz Sharif.   The gap is not big as many people thought. The views in Punjab are split on this issue.

The Gallup statement said that “It appears, public opinion is split on the issue with only 1 in 3 siding with Nawaz Sharif hard stance during the speech." According to another question, a majority 47% agree with the former prime minister's accusation that PM Imran Khan has destroyed Pakistan's economy. 

"Here again however, public opinion was split with 41% disagreeing with this claim and another 12% choosing to sit on the fence with respect to this debate," said Gallup Pakistan. "It is interesting to see that PTI retains its edge among youngsters who were less likely to agree that Imran Khan has destroyed economy."

When it came to whether the former prime minister should return to the country or not, the survey's results revealed that an overwhelming majority of the people want Nawaz to return and face the courts. 

"The 78% respondents want Nawaz Sharif to return back to Pakistan and face the justice system. Only 15% agreed that he should stay out of Pakistan."

                                                          Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor

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