Biden needs six more electoral votes to become president- stands at 264

 Trump stands at 214 and leading in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska

Joe Biden is inching closer to win the presidency. He has flipped Arizona, Wisconsin and michigan, the states won by Trump in 2016 and became president. He has so far won 264 electoral college votes and needs to win six electoral votes of Nevada to become president. Trump now has 214 electoral votes and needs 56 more electoral votes to retain the presidency. He is leading in three states which has 51 electoral college votes. He is likely to win Alaska which has three electoral votes. if Trump win Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina, he then still needs to clinch Nevada to win 270 electoral votes. 
If Biden wins Georgia then the game is over for Trump. If Trump hold onto to his lead and win these three states then six nevada electoral votes will become decisive. 
Trump was leading earlier in these crucial battle ground states. But the results of mail in ballots count change the situation. In Michigan and Wisconsin, the mail in ballots give enough votes to Biden to take lead and win the crucial states later.  
On the other hand, Trump needs to hold on to his lead in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia to remain in the race. His lead is shrinking in all three states. In Pennsylvania, Trump was leading with more 7,00,000 (seven hundred thousand) votes nearly for 24 hours. But now he is leading just over 1,00,000 (one hundred thousand) votes. In Georgia, he was leading more than 3,42,000 (three hundred and forty thousand ) votes but his lead now shrink to just over 32,000. 
It will take few more hours before the situation will become  much clearer. 
                                                        Khalid bhatti  

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