Joe Biden surpassed Obama's record of most votes by a presidential candidate

 Joe Biden  has received more than 72 million votes while Obama's record was 69 million votes in 2008 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden continue to fight it out as votes are counted across the United States, including in many key battleground states including Pennsylvania, and Arizona. It is not yet clear who will be next American president. There is close race to get the magic figure of 270 Electoral College votes. Biden has so far won 264 and Trump has 214 votes.

We might have to wait for bit longer before the winner could be declared. But Joe Biden is a clear winner as far as the popular votes is concerned.  He has broken the record set by Former president Obama in 2008 when he got more than 69 million votes.

Joe Biden has so far received more than 72 million votes. Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden broke the record for receiving the highest votes ever for a presidential candidate in the history of US politics.

Currently, the ballots are being counted across the country, especially in battleground states. As of now, no candidate has secured 270 electoral votes, which are necessary to win the elections. Most polls claimed that Biden would win the elections, but with both the candidates fighting neck-and-neck, the results remain hard to predict.

As of now, Biden is leading the incumbent president Donald Trump by 3.7 million votes, and is expected to win the popular vote with big majority.

In 2016 too, Trump had lost popular votes to Hillary Clinton by 3 million. However, he did beat his 2016 numbers, whereby he had secured 62,980,160 votes. This time, he has clocked in 68 million votes.

Trump declared his victory before the official count ended, while Joe Biden announced that he will emerge victorious after all the votes are accounted for. 

US president Trump had recently called on the counting to stop, while earlier claiming that the results should be declared on the same day as the election - November 3. He also claimed that due to ongoing counting, chances of voting fraud in the elections are high.

In key states like Pennsylvania and Arizona, vote counting is underway. And a ruling by a top court in Pennsylvania had recently allowed counting mail-in ballots that arrive up to 3 days after the election date, something Trump has vowed to challenge.

                                                          Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor

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