Bihar assembly elections- BJP led NDA/JD-U alliance leading on 124 seats

RJD led Grand Alliance  leading on 108 seats as nearly half of the polled votes counted

Half way through the vote count in Bihar assembly elections has put BJP led NDA/JD-U alliance. NDA led alliance is leading on 124 seats.  RJD led Grand Alliance including Congress and three left parties trailing. Grand Alliance is leading on 108 seats so far. Both RJD and Left parties have performed well but Congress has failed to maintained its support.  The election commission has so far announced 15 seats. BJP has won 06 seats so far. RJD has won 04 seats while JD-U 02 seats.

BJP and RJD are going neck to neck to become single largest party. BJP is leading on 73  seats while RJD is leading on 74 seats. BJP is expecting to gain minimum 20 seats. Congress on the course to lose 07 seats. The Left parties expected to gain 15 seats.    

The three-phase Bihar Assembly Election 2020 was the first election to have been held amid the Covid-19 pandemic which, however, could not thwart voters. According to Election Commission data, the overall turnout this year was 57.05 per cent, marginally higher than that of 2015’s 56.66 per cent.

 The term of the 243-member assembly will come to an end on November 29. In the first phase of the election on October 28, 71 seats spread across 16 districts went to polls, while in the second phase, voters in 94 seats of 17 districts exercised their franchise on November 3, and in the third phase, 78 seats spread in 15 districts went to polls on November 7.

The results could mark a watershed in 31-year-old son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Tejashwi Yadav’s career as a year ago in Lok Sabha election 2019; Rashtriya Janata Dal did not win a single seat. The NDA has won 39 of the 40 seats and one had gone to the Congress.

Bihar Elections Results 243


CPI                                      03                  0                    0

CPI-ML                              12                   0                    03

CPI-M                                 03                   0                     0

HMPS                                 05                   0

VIP                                      05                   0 

Independents                       04                   0   

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