US election 2020- Is Joe Biden on the verge of victory?

 Joe Biden has steadily cut the lead of Trump significantly in Georgia and Pennsylvania

The presidential election has gone to the wire. No one really thought that this election will go down to couple of thousand votes in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. Just look at Georgia right now, Trump's lead shrank to just 462 votes.Biden is inching closer to victory. The results of mail in ballots have changed the election in a big way.  
 In Pennsylvania, he is just leading now with 18,000 votes. Now just compare this with Trump's lead 24 hours ago, he was leading more than 6,00,000 (six hundred thousand) votes. In Georgia, Trump was leading with more than 1,32,000 votes 24 hours ago. Now there is real possibility that Biden might wins both states. If Biden wins Georgia with couple of hundred votes, Trump will be doomed. 
 Joe Biden is still has nearly 47,000 votes lead in Arizona where Trump has eaten up wide early lead of Biden. Joe Biden is still maintaining his lead of around 11,000 votes in Nevada. It seems that Trump will ask for recount in  Georgia, Pennsylvania and Nevada if he loses these states. If Trump wins Pennsylvania and Georgia with couple of hundred votes and hold on to his small lead in North Carolina then the election will be decided by Nevada. 
If Trump loses Georgia and Pennsylvania then his game is over. Biden then might ended up securing more than 300 electoral votes. 
There are two scenarios in front of us as far as Electoral College Votes are concerned. an outright victory for Biden with more than 300 votes or a narrow victory with 270 or 281 electoral votes. For Trump only possibility is a narrow victory if can win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and  Nevada. It seems extremely difficult at this stage.  
But must remember that who ever wins in Pennsylvania and Georgia it will be just couple of thousand or even couple of  hundred votes. This close race might ended up in courts. Already law suits have been filed in many states by Trump campaign. 
                                                                            Khalid Bhatti    

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