PPP won PS-43 Sanghar by election with the majority of 42,000 votes

 PPP candidate Jam Shabbir secured more than 49,128 votes

According to the unofficial result of all the 132  polling stations of PS 43 Sanghar in Sindh province,  Pakistan Peoples Party candidate Jam shabbir Ali Khan won the Sanghar by election with landslide. PPP candidate secured 49,128 votes while PTI candidate Mushtaq Junejo could only manage to get 6927 votes. So PPP candidate won the election with the majority of more than 42,000 votes. 
This by election shows that PPP has strong base among the electorate in Sindh. PTI has not been able to make inroads into PPP support base. 
The elder brother of Jam Shabbir Jam Madad Ali won this constituency in the 2018 general elections on PPP ticket. He secured 44737 votes against GDA candidate Jam Zulfiqar Ali  got 28488 votes. 
But time time PTI candidate could only manage to get 6927 votes which are nearly 21,500 less than the GDA candidate got in 2018. While PPP candidate got almost 4,000 more votes. 
                                                        Special reporter

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