Lahore-three largest public sector hospitals run out of coronavirus vaccines

 Services, Mayo and Jinnah hospitals facing shortage of Corona vaccine

 Three major hospitals of Lahore Mayo Hospital, Services Hospital and Jinnah Hospital ran out of the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday due to the huge influx of patients coming in to get their jabs. The hospital management said that they were not able to even cater to health care professionals coming to them for the jabs today. They added that vaccines had finished on Tuesday.

The management maintained that the vaccines finished as they had reached the maximum capacity, adding that they expect more vaccines to arrive tonight.

It is highly likely that the jabs will be delivered to the hospitals today or tomorrow as Pakistan's third tranche of the Sino pharm vaccine arrived in the country today.

Currently, Pakistan is vaccinating the country's healthcare workers and people over the age of 60 after launching the vaccination drive on February 2.

Pakistan is using the Sinopharm vaccine in the drive. Sinopharm, developed by state-run China National Pharmaceutical Group, has shown to be 79% effective.

Besides the delivery from China, Pakistan is also on the list to receive 17,160,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines through the global COVAX platform.

                                                    Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor

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