PML-N is likely to retain NA-75 Daska seat in repolling- latest surveys revealed

 PTI is likely lose the repolls despite increasing its vote bank in the constituency

PML-N is likely to win the repoll in NA-75 Daska on April 10 predicted by three opinion polls. The surveys were carried out by Gallup Pakistan, IPSOS and Plus Consultants with a sample size of 1,000 voters each. PML-N is ahead in all three polls. PTI is trailing in the polls despite improving its tally of votes.

The Gallup survey showed that 36% of voters inclined to vote for PML-N and 32% voters prefer PTI for their votes. The survey also showed that close to 4% of voters indicated that they may vote for the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan. However, 18% of voters are yet to decide who they will vote for and 3% outright refused to take part in the process.

The IPSOS opinion poll showed that 45% of the voters have shown their inclination to vote for the PML-N, while 27% said they would back the PTI candidate, 5% said they would vote for the Tehreek-e-Labbaik. Interestingly, just like Gallup, 18% of IPSOS voters said they were indecisive and 4% decided not to take part in the process at all.

According to the Pulse Consultants, 52% pollsters expressed their preference for PML-N while 40% pledged their support to the PTI.

The poll also showed that 2% of the voters said that they would cast their vote for the Tehreek-e-Labbaik, and 1% expressed their preference for PPP and 4% were indecisive about whom to support in the Daska by-polls, while 4% refused to vote for any political party.

Regarding the difference observed between the PTI and PML-N supporters in all the three opinion polls, the Gallup Survey found the difference to be 4%, while IPSOS found an 18% difference and Pulse Consultants found the divide to be 12%.

All three survey companies found a large chunk of voters expressing a preference to cast their vote in the Daska by-polls. Gallup found 82% voter readiness, IPSOS found 84% and Pulse Consultants found 96% of voters prepared to take part in the by-election.

In the upcoming Daska by-election, the Pulse Consultants found 88% ready to take part in the election, 8% were found indecisive and 4% refused to take part in the election process.

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