Prime Minister Imran Khan won the vote of confidence with 178 votes

 Opposition parties opted to remain absent from national assembly proceedings 

Prime Minister Imran Khan has won vote of confidence from national assembly. He secured 178 votes. The special session of National Assembly was a show of strength for Imran Khan who on Thursday had said that he would seek vote of confidence for his government after losing senate seat.  PM Imran had sought the trust vote after the shocking defeat of PTI candidate for the Senate seat on March 3.

The Opposition parties have boycotted the session asking the government to resign immediately as it has lost the trust of the house. The resolution reposing confidence in the prime minister was passed with 178 votes.

In his ruling, NA Speaker Asad Qaiser said consequently the prime minister has obtained the vote of confidence and commands the majority of the Lower House. The speaker announced the results amidst the thumping of desks and slogans by the members of PTI and its allied parties as well as the party supporters present in the lobbies.

On the occasion, the speaker pointed out that the PM had secured 176 votes when he was elected as leader of the House in 2018. Total strength of PTI and allies in the national assembly is 180, but PM Imran Khan secured 178 votes, two less than total strength.

These numbers also include the 16 members of PTI who allegedly change loyalty during senate elections. Despite calling them cheaters, PTI leadership not seems in the position to take action against them.  PTI government will lose majority in the parliament if they resigned or disqualified.  

The vote of confidence will ease some pressure on the government that mounted after the defeat of Hafeez Shaikh. 

The opposition parties have 160 members in national assembly.

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