Stop killing Palestinians including children and women

 Israeli air strikes killed 200 people and injured 1,200 while 2,500 made homeless so far

Israeli jets continue to drop bombs on civilian population in Gaza. The bombs continue to destroy buildings, houses and killing children, women and ordinary Palestinians. No world power is making serious effort to stop the killings and destruction.
 It seems that international community is not seems interested to stop Israel from targeting the civilian populations. Israel is clearly committing war crimes without any fear of accountability.  Flames lit up the sky as intense explosions shook Gaza city, sparking widespread power cuts and damaging hundreds of buildings, local authorities said on Monday.

The death toll crossed 200 while more than 1200 have been injured so far. The Israeli bombing campaign has made 2,500 people in Gaza homeless as their homes were destroyed. 58 children and more than 38 women also been killed.  
Israel says 10 people, including one child, have been killed and 294 wounded by rocket fire launched by armed groups in Gaza.

The army said about 3,100 rockets had been fired in the past week from Gaza — the highest rate ever recorded — but added its Iron Dome anti-missile system had intercepted over 1,000. it seems that this bombing campaign causing wide spread destruction will not end soon as the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced to continue the air attacks on Gaza. 

Some 3,100 rockets have also been fired by Palestinian fighters toward Israel since the Israeli aggression begun on May 10. The Israel started air attacks using warplanes and drones to silence the palestinian resistance groups in Gaza. Israel first launched brutal attacks against Palestinian in Al-Aqsa mosque and East Jerusalem and when Hamas fired rockets towards Israel then Israel started bombing.   

Israeli bombardment of Gaza has displaced 38,000 people and made 2,500 homeless, the United Nations says. It has also battered infrastructure in the enclave, with the electricity authority on Monday warning it only had enough fuel left to provide power for another two to three days.

On Saturday, Israel gave journalists from Al Jazeera and AP news agency an hour to evacuate their offices before launching air strikes, turning their tower block into piles of smoking rubble. The Israeli army also said its fighter jets hit what the army calls the “Metro”, its term for 15 kilometers (nine miles) of Hamas underground tunnels, which the army has previously acknowledged runs in part through civilian areas.

The renewed strikes come a day after 42 Palestinians in Gaza — including at least eight children and two doctors, according to the health ministry — were killed in the worst daily death toll in the enclave since the bombardments began.

ONCE more, Palestine is bathed in blood, its people left to mourn and carry the tiny coffins of its children. While some would classify the current violence as a ‘conflict’ between Israelis and Palestinians, it is more of a one-sided assault on the Palestinian people by Tel Aviv’s war machine.

The Western governments are silent on these crimes against humanity. However, thousands of conscientious people across the world, including in Europe and the Americas, have taken to the streets to denounce Israel’s ruthless barrage.

Meanwhile, the self-declared champions of human rights keep trumpeting their view that Israel has a right to ‘self-defense’. This includes the Biden administration and many in Europe. In fact, Austria had raised the Israeli banner ‘in solidarity’.

One wonders whether the right of self-defense allows a country to butcher toddlers and the disabled, as Tel Aviv has done in Gaza. Moreover, Israel on Saturday bombed a Gaza building housing the offices of Al Jazeera, the Associated Press and other media outlets, an act the UN secretary general says “violates international law”. It was a blatant attempt to silence the media. It is no secret that Israel is not happy with Al Jazeera coverage on Gaza.

The champions of human rights, free press and democracy are silent on this attack. They are silently watching Israel slaughtering children and civilian population. If Israel kills children, it is a self- defense but when Palestinians try to defend themselves it is declared terrorism and violence.    

And what of the Muslim world? It is evident that the collective consciousness of the vast majority of Arab and Muslim states died a long time ago. As Palestinians bravely face Israeli terror, the OIC and Arab League are doing little other than issuing statements. Those Arab states that only recently made public their relationship with Israel have done little to convince their friends in Tel Aviv to stop their butchery.

The targeting of civilians anywhere is unacceptable. But Israel has been murdering non-combatants for decades, and getting away with it thanks to its powerful patrons. The US is protecting Israeli war crimes and mass murders. 

                                                           The Editor

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