AJK assembly elections- PTI will emerge as the single largest party but fell short of simple majority

Insight247.news projections of all the 45 constituencies 

From 1970 to 2016 election results in AJK clearly shows that the party in power in Islamabad always has an advantage in the elections in AJK. The people prefer to vote for the party who is in the power in Islamabad because GB, AJK also depends on federal government in Pakistan to get funds. The people look to the federal government for employment and development works.

In this regard PTI has an advantage in this election. PML-N won more than two thirds of seats in 2016 elections because it was in the power in Pakistan. In 2011, PPP won half of the seats. So PTI is in a better position to win more seats in July 25 elections.

Sometimes, results do not represent the popular sentiment as the result of rigging and manipulation. We are confident that elections will be held free, transparent and fair.

We are making projections based on the surveys and on ground information. The results might be different due to different factors. These projections have been made on the basis that elections will be conducted as free, transparent and fair manner. The interference of different forces might completely change the results.

There are 45 general seats on the grab in July 25 elections. 33 seats are in the 10 districts of AJK while 12 seats are in Pakistan for Kashmiri refugees. 

Our projections 

PTI- 15 seats

(10 seats from AJK and 05 based in Pakistan)

PPP- 12 seats

(10 seats from AJK while 02 out of 12 based in Pakistan)

PML-N – 14 seats

(09 out of 33 based in AJK while 05 out of 12 based in Pakistan)

MC (Muslim Conference)- 03 seats

JKPP (Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party)- 01

Here are our constituency wise projections

LA-1 Mirpur (i)- PML-N is leading

LA-2 Mirpur (ii)- PPP is leading-

LA-3 Mirpur (iii)- PTI is leading-

LA-4 Mirpur (iv)- PML-N is leading-

LA-5 Bhimber (i)- PPP is leading

LA-6 Bhimber (ii)- PTI is leading

LA-7 Bhimber (iii)- PML-N is leading

LA-8 Kotli-(i)- MC is leading

LA-9 Kotli-(ii) -PPP is leading

LA-10 Kotli (iii) -MC is leading

LA-11, Kotli-(iv)- PML-N is leading

 LA-12 Kotli (v)- PPP is leading

LA-13 Kotli VI-PTI is leading

LA-14 Bagh (i)- MC is leading

LA-15 Bagh (ii)- PTI is leading

LA-16 Bagh(iii)- PPP is leading

LA-17 Bagh(iv)- PPP is leading

LA-18 Poonch(i)- PTI is leading

LA-19 Poonch(ii)- PPP is leading

LA-20, Poonch(iii)- PPP is leading

LA-21, Poonch(iv)- JKPP is leading

LA-22 Poonch(v) – PTI is leading

LA-23 Sudhnuti(i)- PML-N is leading

LA-24, Sudhnuti(ii)- PTI is leading

LA-25 Neelum(i)- PML-N is leading

LA-26 Neelum(ii)- PPP is leading

LA-27 Muzaffarabad(i)- PTI is leading

LA-28 Muzaffarabad(ii)- PTI is leading

LA-29 Muzaffarabad (iii) PML-N is leading

LA-30 Muzaffarabad (iv)- PML-N is leading

LA-31 Muzaffarabad (v)- PPP is leading

LA-32 Muzaffarabad (vi) PML-N is leading

LA-33 Muzaffarabad (vii)- PTI is leading

LA-34 Jammu (i) – PPP is leading

LA-35 Jammu (ii)- PML-N is leading

LA-36 Jammu (iii) – PML-N is leading

LA-37 Jammu (ii) -PTI is leading

LA-38 Jammu (v) PTI is leading

LA-39 Jammu (vi)- PTI is leading

LA-40 Valley (i) -PPP is leading

LA-41 Valley - (iv)- PML-N is leading

LA-42 Valley (iii)- PML-N is leading

LA-43 Valley (iv) PML-N is leading

LA-44 Valley (v) PTI is leading

LA-45 Valley (vi)- PTI is leading

                                                                                Khalid Bhatti 

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