Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry elected president of Azad Jammu Kashmir

Barrister Sultan got 34 votes while opposition candidate Mian Abdul Waheed  bagged 16 votes

Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry of PTI has been elected president of AJK after bagging 34 votes. His opponent Mian Abdul Waheed of PPP got 16 votes. Barrister Sultan was front runner candidate for the position of PM AJK but PM Imran Khan choose Sardar Abdul Qayum Niazi as PM AJK. Barrister Sultan was not happy with that decision. So he has been compensated with the position of president AJK.  

The special session of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir(AJK) Legislative Assembly was held here on Tuesday for the election of the AJK president and Secretary AJK Election Commission performed duty as a returning officer in this regard.

Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry expressed his resolve to take collective efforts for resolving the Kashmir issue. He said PTI is united under the leadership of Imran Khan and joint efforts will be made for the development and well being of the people of the state.

He thanked the PTI Chairman Imran Khan for nominating him for the AJK president slot. He also thanked the members of the AJK Legislative Assembly of PTI Parliamentary Party and head of Muslim Conference Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan and President of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party Sardar Hussan Ibrahim for supporting him in the presidential election.

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