Cantonment board elections 2021-Independents won 28 wards, PTI won 22, PML-N 16 and PPP 08 wards so far

PPP is leading in Sindh, PTI won most wards in KPK while  PML-N is leading in Lahore

According to the initial unofficial results of Cantonment Board Elections 2021, Independent candidates has won most wards so far. Independents won 28 wards of different cities. PTI is trailing behind with 22 wards. PML-N has won 16 wards and PPP 08 wards so far. 
PPP is leading in Sindh while PTI is leading in KPK. PML-N is leading in Lahore, Sialkot and Rawalpindi Cantonment  Boards. 
The ruling PTI is facing tough competition from independents, PML-N and PPP. It is worth mentioning here that PTI won most of the constituencies falling under cantonment Boards in the 2018 general elections. 

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