Lahore Cantonment elections-landslide victory for PML-N, crushing defeat for PTI

 PML-N won 15 out 19 wards in Walton and Lahore Cantonment Boards while PTI could win just 03 seats


According to the unofficial results of 19 wards of Lahore Cant and Walton cantonments, PML-N has won 15 wards while PTI could win just 03 wards and one independent wins. PML-N once again proved that Lahore is still its stronghold and PTI has failed to make big inroads into PML-N support base. PTI wants to do better in Lahore but suffered humiliating defeat.  

PML-N won all the 09 wards of Walton Cantonment Board and PTI failed to win a single seat. The election has been postponed in one ward due to death of an independent candidate. 

Most of these wards fall in the national assembly constituency of NA-125 represented by Khawaja Saad Rafique of  PML-N.

In Lahore Cant, PML-N win 06 out of 10 wards while PTI win 03 wards and one ward win by an independent candidate. Most of these wards fall in the constituency of former speaker of PML-N Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. Both these constituencies won by PML-N in the 2018 general elections. 

                                                                Khalid Bhatti 

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