Intimidation tactics won’t work says Justice Qazi Faez Isa

 Justice Faez Isa issued statement on the brawl with PTI MNA Akram Cheema and accused both MNA and Information minister for 'manufacturing tales'and telling one sided stories

Supreme Court Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa has issued a statement regarding the brawl with PTI MNA Akram Cheema. Justice Isa has said that intimidation tactics against him and his family won't work. He also said that he will not deter to pointing out violations of law. 
 On Wednesday, PTI MNA Akram Cheema had obstructed the pathway of Justice Isa during a rally held to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day outside the Parliament House in Islamabad.The angry lawmaker used some harsh words for the judge that led to a brawl between the two.

 Justice Isa said he noticed a ‘suspicious vehicle’ parked on the main Constitution Avenue in front of the National Assembly.

“The vehicle had a big antennae mast of the type which, I believe, are only allowed on vehicles of the armed forces. Parking on the main Constitution Avenue in front of the Assembly is not permitted.”

The judge said a number of policemen were present there but none of them instructed the driver of the vehicle to move it, “nor did they check the vehicle's registration book or the driver's licence”.

“I asked the persons in the vehicle to identify themselves but they responded by asking who I was, and did so insultingly. I told them that I am a citizen and tax payer,” Justice Isa said, adding that he did not disclose his identity that he is an apex court judge.

 “I suspected that the persons and their vehicle may be involved in some criminal activity as the vehicle had fake number plates which conceal the ownership of the vehicle so I took a photograph of the vehicle and its occupants (attached) with my cell phone,” he added.

Justice Isa in the statement claimed that while he was walking towards the Supreme Court, a person alighted from the same vehicle, advanced towards him and hurled “vile abuses” at him.

“I ignored him, kept quiet and continued walking towards the Supreme Court. This can be verified from the CCTV cameras unless these mysteriously stopped functioning at that very moment or recordings are being doctored/edited.”

MNA Cheema and Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry held one-sided press conferences and “manufactured tales”, Justice Isa also said.

“Therefore, I am now constrained to respond and disclose the truth of the matter otherwise my silence may give credence to their tall tales. They alleged that I ordered the arrest of the persons in the vehicle. I did not do so. However, a suspect vehicle and one with fake plate numbers can be detained as well as a vehicle on which customs duty and other taxes are not paid.”

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