Mir Qudoos Bizenjo likely to be elected CM Baluchistan unopposed

 Baluchistan Assembly will formally elect him as CM tomorrow

Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo is likely to become the new Chief Minister of Baluchistan tomorrow. The Baluchistan Assembly will meet tomorrow to elect its new leader of the house after Jam Kamal's resignation as CM Baluchistan. 
Qudoos Bizenjo is the only candidate who submitted nomination papers to contest the election of CM Baluchistan.Deputy Speaker Sardar Babar Musakhel said that five nomination papers were submitted to the assembly secretariat within the stipulated time frame.

"All five papers nominated Bizenjo as the new chief minister, and were found to be valid after scrutiny," he said, adding that Bizenjo was the only candidate for the post as no other nominee had emerged.

Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha has summoned a session of the Balochistan Assembly on Oct 29 (Friday) for the election of the new leader of the house and its speaker.

The Balochistan Awami Party (BAP), which has 24 members in a house of 65, has already nominated Bizenjo for the post of chief minister and Mir Jan Muhammad Khan Jamali for that of speaker, which fell vacant after the former, had resigned.It means he will be supported by both the opposition and the ruling coalition. 

Meanwhile, Bizenjo vowed to bring change on ground once he is elected as chief minister. He also thanked former Jam Kamal Khan Alyani, who resigned as the chief minister on Sunday, for the role he played in saving the BAP.

 Qudoos Bizenjo was elected speaker of the assembly after the 2018 general elections. He was the candidate of CM Baluchistan at that time but Jam kamal was chosen as CM. Bizenjo was not happy with that decision. Finally he ousted jam kamal with the help of opposition parties and a group of angry legislatures of BAP. 
Qudoos Bizenjo served as CM Baluchistan for nearly 06 months in 2018 before the general elections.He served as the 16th Chief Minister of Balochistan from 13 January 2018 to 7 June 2018 and served as Deputy Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan from 2013 to 2015. He served in the provincial Balochistan cabinet between 2002 and 2013, as the minister of livestock.

                                                   Khalid Bhatti 

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