North Shropshire by poll- Conservatives suffered humiliated defeat as Liberal Democrats gained

 Tories lost this seat they were holding on to since 1832-Labour Party also lost support and finished third

Tory Party suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of  Liberal Democrats in the North Shropshire by poll. The ruling Tory Party has lost its safe seat to Liberal Democrats in New Shropshire by poll held on Thursday December 16. The Conservatives were holding this seat since 1832. Tories never lost this seat in the present form since 1983.

The Labour Party also saw its share of votes fell from 22% to nearly 10%. Labour Party finished at third place. Labor Party finished second in 2017 and 2019 general elections. But this Liberal Democrats took away almost half of the Labour votes.   
This loss is a big set back for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The pressure will further mount on the PM to resign after this humiliating defeat who already facing scandal for organising  parties at 10 Downing Street during lockdowns.
The Prime Minister could now also face growing opposition inside the Tory Party with North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale  suggesting his Conservative colleagues could force chair of the 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady to hold a meeting with PM Johnson as more MPs hand in their letters of no confidence.  
The Liberal Democrats came out on top in the contest with 47 % of the vote with the Conservatives finishing in a distant second on 32 %. Labour, led by  Sir Keir Stammer, also took a step backwards after they received just 10 % of the vote - down from 22% back in 2019.
The historic by-election was prompted by the resignation of ex-Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson, 65, who was found to have breached lobbying rules after two companies paid him over £100,000-a-year. 
Oliver Dowden said the Conservative party has heard North Shropshire constituents ‘loud and clear’, after the Tories lost their 23,000 majority in the seat. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has suffered a stunning defeat in a parliamentary by-election that was viewed as a referendum on his government amid weeks of scandal and soaring COVID-19 infections.
Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan overturned a Conservative majority of almost 23,000 votes from the last election to win Thursday’s contest in North Shropshire, a rural area of northwest England that has been represented by a Conservative almost continuously since 1832. The election was called after the former Conservative member of Parliament resigned following allegations of improper lobbying.
The result will heap pressure on Johnson just two years after he was reelected with a seemingly unassailable 80-seat majority in the House of Commons. His authority has been dented in recent weeks by allegations that he and his staff attended Christmas parties last year while the country was in lockdown, efforts to shield his ally in the lobbying scandal and suggestions that he improperly accepted donations to fund the lavish refurbishment of his official residence.

                                                 The result of by poll                                        

                                         Liberal Democrats     17957 ( Gained from Conservatives)
                                          Conservatives            12032  
                                          Labour Party               3686
                                          Greens                          1738
                                          Reform                         1427
                                          UKIP                              378
                                          Reclaim                          376

                                                             Khalid Bhatti 

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