PML-N's Rana Saleem wins PP-206 Khanewal by poll with clear margin of 14,100 votes

PML-N bagged 47,985 votes while PTI secured 33, 875 votes

According to unofficial results of all the 183 polling stations, PML-N candidate Rana Saleem wins the PP-206 Khanewal by poll bagging 47,985 votes . PTI candidate Naureen Nishat Daha is runners up with 33,875 votes. PPP candidate Mir Wasiq Haider came third with 15, 342 votes while Sheikh Akmal of TLP got 9973 votes. 
A close contest was expected between PTI and PML-N but it proved one sided affair at the end. PML-N's margin of victory is 14,100 votes. 

In 2018 general elections, PML-N's candidate Nishat Daha won the seat with margin of 3,400 votes. It means the winning margin of PML-N candidate is four times bigger than 2018. 
PTI got more than  47,000 votes in 2018 but this time ,it could only manage to bagged 33,875 votes which is nearly 15,000 less than 2018 general elections. 

PPP also succeeded to  increase its votes compare to 2018 elections. In 2018, PPP got 6,612 votes but today it secured 15,342 votes, which are nearly 9,000 more than the previous elections. 
TLP also double its votes compare to 2018 general elections. 
                                                                                        Khalid Bhatti   

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