China accuses Quad of ‘Cold War mentality’

China seeks peace, development, and cooperation and support the idea of building an Asia-Pacific security system that is open, inclusive, and not targeting any third country

China has reacted strongly at the meeting of Quad foreign ministers meeting in Australia. The meeting took place on 11-12 February 2022. The spokesman of Chinese foreign ministry lashes out at  Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) accusing the members, (US, Australia, Japan and India) of driving wedges in the region and having a “Cold War mentality”. Opposing the Quad in strong words, the Chinese foreign ministry said as a “bloc”, it was trying to trigger confrontation unlike China, which stands for peace and development.

The ministry accused the US of forming “blocs” and attempting to force its “style” of democracy. Beijing had earlier denounced the Quad as a Cold War construct and a clique “targeting other countries”.

Asked to comment on reports that said the summit will discuss ways to counter China’s challenge, Chinese foreign ministry’s Zhao Lijian launched a scathing attack on the Quad, especially the US.

 “The US has long lost its reputation as a democracy. However, it is still trying to force other countries to accept US-style democratic standards. The US is drawing a line along democratic values, and putting together small blocs. This is a complete betrayal of democratic values,” Zhao said. “We oppose exclusive blocs to create bloc confrontation,” he said.

“China seeks peace, development, and cooperation. We advance the building of an Asia-Pacific security system that is open, inclusive, and not targeting any third country.”

“We hope that the US and relevant countries can get a clear picture of the situation, feel relaxed, abandon the Cold War mentality, stop driving wedges between regional countries and contribute to regional peace, stability and prosperity,” the spokesperson added.

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