An other U-turn of PM Imran Khan- Usman Buzdar out, Ch Pervaiz Ilahi in

Will the decision to make Ch Pervaiz Ilahi CM Punjab help Imran Khan to defeat the no-confidence motion in the National Assembly?

In an effort to win over the five crucial votes of PML-Q in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan takes another U-turn and decided to make Ch Pervaiz Ilahi CM Punjab in place of Usman Buzdar. Prime Minister Imran Khan  asked CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to resign from his position to clear way for Ch Pervaiz Ilahi. PM Imran Khan decided to take big gamble to safe his government. He sacrificed his Wasim Akram plus in Punjab to gain support of PML-Q. 
Prime Minister Imran Khan resisted the demands to change CM Punjab Usman Buzdar for nearly 43 months. He always defended the performance of CM Buzdar in Punjab. Many senior PTI leaders were not happy with CM Buzdar but PM Imran Khan refused to removed him and to bring new CM Punjab from PTI.
The Tareen group and Aleem Khan group emerged from PTI on the issue of CM Buzdar.
Many MPAs of ruling PTI in Punjab also expressed their concern about the poor performance of CM Punjab but Imran Khan refused to bug down to the pressure and continued with CM Buzdar. 
Now under pressure, he decided to give the position of CM Punjab to PML-Q. This decision shows that how desperate the government of PM Imran Khan has become just few days before the vote of no-confidence against the PM Imran Khan. 
This decision also shows that PM imran khan is no different from other politicians. He claims that his politics is based on principles and ideology and he is different from others. But his actions speaks loudly that he is indulged in power politics. He is trying everything to cling on to the to the power.  

It is not yet clear that this decision will be enough to safe the government of PM Imran Khan. PTI might not be able to get all the five votes of PML-Q. Senior PML-Q leader Ch Tariq Bashir Cheema has announced to  resign as federal minister and to support the opposition in the National Assembly. The news reports of differences within the Chaudhry family are also circling around. Ch Salik Hussain and Hussain Ilahi the two MNAs of Chaudhry family are not seems happy with this decision to support the PTI government. 
This decision will further weaken the PTI in Punjab if Ch Pervaiz Ilahi become CM Punjab. It will be interesting to see that how Pervaiz Ilahi will win over the support of Tareen group and Aleem Khan group and other disgruntled members of PTI in Punjab. It will be tough task for Ch Pervaiz Ilahi to win the support of PTI in Punjab as many groups have emerged within the party and every group will try to make the maximum gains for the support. 
                                                                             Khalid Bhatti 


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