Bilawal Bhutto led Awami March received exceptional response in Sindh

Massive crowds welcomed the Awami march in Thatha, Badin, Hala, Hyderabad, Moro, Khairpur and Sukkur

Bilawal Bhutto led Awami March will reach Multan today evening. Bilawal Bhutto kick started the Long March towards Islamabad from Karachi on February 27. The Long March will reach at Islamabad on March 08. Awami March was a huge success in Sindh. He is also receiving tremendous response in South Punjab. Awami March was received by a huge crowd in Rahim Yar Khan. 

We witnessed exceptional scenes in different cities of Sindh during the march. Bilawal Bhutto received emphatic response throughout the march in Sindh. Hundreds of thousands of  people welcomed the Bilawal Bhutto and Awami March on the streets of main cities. Massive crowds were seen on the streets of Karachi, Thatha, Badin, Hala, Hyderabad, Moro, Nawab Shah, Khairpur, Sukkur and many other cities.   
Bilawal received overwhelming response from the people of Sindh. They came out on the streets in big numbers.   
Some people tries to question the success of Awami march and raised the point that Sindh government is spending public resources on the march. This is really a far cry. It is an effort to deny the fact that Bilawal Bhutto like her mother and grand father has become a crowd puller. He successfully mobilised large number of people during this march.
PPP has clearly shown that it is still the most popular and dominant political force in Sindh. PTI and other opposition parties are no where near the PPP in the popularity in Sindh. PPP is holding on to its power base in Sindh.
There are at least three factors which are in the favour of PPP in Sindh. One, PPP is genuinely popular among the masses. The second factor is the absence of a viable alternate to PPP. PTI has failed to build its bases among the masses and it is continue to rely heavily on anti-PPP feudals. The third factor is that the PPP is the ruling party in Sindh. As the ruling party PPP has the combination of popular support and influential politicians. 

But PPP has already won over the most influential feudals in its fold. PTI has also failed to build its organisation on solid basis. Many people joined the PTI in Sindh but later developed differences with leadership and left the party. It is not surprising that PTI failed to mobilise large number of people in its Haqooq-e- Sindh march which is taking place at the moment.
There is no real comparison between the two marches. PTI march lacks passion and enthusiasm one can see in the PPP march. The other difference is the participation. The people have ignored the PTI march. 
On the other hand, PPP is intact and hardly anybody wants to leave. PPP government in Sindh is a major factor in this situation. 
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has once again proved that he is charismatic and popular leader like BB Shaheed and Zulifqar Bhutto Shaheed and capable to pull crowd. 
This mass mobilisation helped the PPP leadership to take large number of party activists and supporters with them to Punjab and then to Islamabad. It also provided momentum to PPP that it will carry till the elections. 
Overall, the march was a huge success in Sindh. The real challenge for PPP will be in the Central and North Punjab. It will be interesting to see that how well the party mobolise its forces in Punjab. If the party succeeded to mobilise its forces properly then it will be able to put up  an impressive show. 

                                                                      Khalid Bhatti 

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