Pakistan Airforce inducts Chinese made modern fighter jets J-10C

 J-10C considered better than American made F-16 fighter jets

Pakistan Airforce has inducted the China-made modern fighter aircraft J-10C today on March 11.Prime Minister Imran Khan attended the induction ceremony of the modern fighter jet into the PAF held at PAF base in Kamrah, on the special invitation of the Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu.  He was the chief guest on the occasion. Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa also attended the ceremony. The first batch of the combat aircraft, after being tested in Chengdu, has arrived in Pakistan a few days back

According to a report published in Chinese daily Global Times, China will deliver a total of 25 J-10C fighter jets to Pakistan in a major boost to the country’s military capabilities to defend airspace. 

Shi Hong, Executive Chief Editor of the Chinese magazine, Shipborne Weapons, had told the Global Times, that “The J-10C will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the Pakistan Air Force. The J-10C is a 4.5-generation medium-size fighter jet and is more powerful than the China-Pakistan jointly developed lightweight fighter jet, the JF-17, which is currently in service with the Pakistan Air Force.” 

“The J-10C is larger and can be equipped with bigger active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar than the one used by the JF-17 Block 3,” Shi had said, noting that the J-10C can also carry more advanced, fourth-generation air-to-air missiles including the short-range PL-10 and the beyond-visual-range PL-15.

“The J-10C is also significantly more powerful than the old US-made F-16 fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force and can rival the Rafale fighter jet that recently entered service with the Indian Air Force,” Shi had said.

The J-10C would provide Pakistan with by far the most capable combat jet in its fleet, and benefits from a much lower operational cost and lower maintenance needs than the ageing F-16A airframes. J-10C fighter jet is equipped with YJ-91 cruise missiles provides much a much more dangerous air to ground capability than any Pakistani fighter.

With the J-10C having reportedly proven capable of outperforming heavyweight Russian jets from the Flanker family, due largely to its more advanced radar and missiles, the Chinese-built fighter would provide an effective means of countering India’s most dangerous fighter class the Su-30MKI.

The J-10C entered service in 2018, and as the F-16 it is a single-engine lightweight fighter. Having been designed several decades after the F-16, the J-10 is a much more advanced design boasting advantages in almost all parameters, including a higher speed, lower radar cross-section and much greater maneuverability.

The J-10C is the latest and most capable J-10 variant, and uses thrust-vectoring engines for enhanced maneuverability – something no Western fighter other than the F-22 does.

It benefits from stealth coatings for improved survivability. The aircraft uses modern AESA radar paired with some of the world’s most capable air to air missiles, the PL-15 and PL-10, the former which is one of just two in the world confirmed to use AESA radar for guidance. These missiles will also be deployed by upcoming improved variants of the JF-17.

Pakistan Airforce is the pride of the nation and proved on so many occasions that it capable to defend and secure the Pakistani air space. PAF is considered among the best in the world. Pakistan Airforce is not only defend the Pakistan but also provide its services during emergency situations like earthquack and floods. Pakistan Airforce played key role during the COVID-19 pandemic to transport the vital supplied of equipment and medicines across the country. 

                                                                            Khalid Bhatti       


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