UP assembly elections 2022- BJP likely to retain power in UP exit polls predicts

BJP likely to lose 60 to 80 seats it won in 2017 while SP likely to increase its tally up to 160 seats

According to the poll of exit polls, BJP is likely to retain power in UP but with reduced majority. BJP is likely to win 242 seats according to the poll of the polls.  BJP is likely to lose 60 to 80 seats. BJP won 312 seats in 2017 elections. 
The official counting will start tomorrow March 10 and results will started to pour in. Many analyst believes that close contest is expected between SP and BJP. If exit polls proved correct it  means that BJP will get more seats than simple majority of 202 seats. 
The exit polls are indicating that BJP has lost some support in the largest Indian state in last couple of years. BJP dominated the UP in 2017 state assembly elections and then 2019 general elections. 
Samajwadi Party (SP) is likely to win 142 seats according to the poll of the polls. It means that SP is going to gain 100 seats in the house of 403 seats. SP won just 42 seats in 2017 assembly elections. But some exit polls are giving more than 160 seats.  It seems that SP has recovered much of the lost ground but not enough to win the majority of 202 seats.  
BSP led by Mayawati is expected to win 11 seats while Congress is just 04 seats. It seems that Congress has failed to overcome the political and organisational. SP leaders have rejected the exit polls and claiming that it is going to defeat the BJP. 
                                                                             Khalid Bhatti 

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