Punjab Assembly Elections 2022- Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to gain majority in the assembly

 AAP expected to win 63 seats out of 117state assembly seats while ruling Congress might ended up with 28 seats  poll of the polls predicts 

According to the poll of polls prediction, Aam Aadmi Party led by Delhi Chief Minister Kajrewal is likely to win the majority in the Punjab state assembly. If the exit polls proved correct then Punjab will be the 2nd state ruled by AAP. Slowly but surely AAP continues to grow as a national party in India.  AAP won two consecutive elections in Delhi assembly and success it achieved there really translated to surge in the Punjab.  
Navjot Singh Sidhu led Congress which is the ruling party in Punjab is likely to lose power in Punjab and finish with 28 seats. The split in the Punjab Congress before the elections weaken the party. Former CM Punjab and senior Congress leader Captain Amrinder Singh left the party and formed his own party which failed to make big impact in the state elections 2022. 
Akali Dal is expected to win 18 seats while BJP is just 4 seats. BJP failed to make big inroads into Punjab as AAP fill the vacuum that existed with the weakening of the Congress. 
The official counting will start on Thursday, March 10. The final results expected in the afternoon. 
                                                                          Khalid Bhatti       

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