National Assembly to elect new Prime Minister today

Shahbaz Sharif is the candidate of joint opposition while PTI has fielded Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the election of Prime Minister

The 341 members of the National Assembly will elect the new leader of the house today. The National Assembly session will start at 2 pm today. The election will take place under article 91 of the 1973 constitution and rule 32 of the national Assembly.
 172 votes needed to become the leader of the house. The election will be held through open ballot. The MNAs will be divided into lobbies.  It is more likely that Shahbaz Sharif  will be able to elect as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. 
Joint opposition has the strength of nearly 176 members in the National Assembly but during the no-confidence 174 votes were casted in favour of the no-confidence motion. 
It will be interesting to see that whether PTI dissidents cast their votes in today's election of PM or not. 
The 20 PTI dissidents didn't cast their votes during the no-confidence motion. 

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