Speaker National assembly Asad Qaiser and deputy speaker Qasim Suri resigned

He preferred to resign from his position instead to  implement the SC order to vote on no-confidence in the National Assembly against PM Imran Khan 

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser and Deputy Speaker Qasim Ali Suri has resigned from their  positions just few minutes ago. They resigned just 15 minutes before the expiry of the dead line given by SC on no-confidence motion. Speaker Asad Qaiser tendered his resignation after holding a detailed meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Both Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser and Deputy Speaker Qasim Ali Suri preferred to resign  from their respective posts instead to implement  National Assembly session being conducted on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to hold voting on the no-confidence motion. The opposition had submitted the no-confidence motion against both the custodians of the national assembly.

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