ECP decreases National Assembly constituencies from 272 to 266 after preliminary delimitations

National Assembly general seats decreased due to the merger of former tribal areas with KP province 

The Election Commission of Pakistan has decreased six constituencies of the National Assembly. The number of general seats reduced from 272 to 266.  The total seats decreased from 342 to 336. The preliminary delimitation report is issued by ECP to file objections by the voters of concerned constituencies.
The six constituencies reduced by ECP due to the merger of tribal areas with KP province. The former tribal areas had 12 national assembly constituencies which reduced to 6 after the merger. 

Balochistan will have 16 general seats in the NA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will have 45, Punjab 141, Sindh 61, three seats will be of Islamabad. Seats of erstwhile federally administered tribal areas have been merged with KP. On the other hand, women will have 60 reserved seats while minorities will have 10 seats.

A National Assembly constituency in KP has been demarcated at 788,933 people, Islamabad 667,789, Punjab 780,069, Sindh 784,500, and Balochistan 77,946.

KP's NA will begin with Chitral from NA-1 to NA-45.Seats from Islamabad will be from NA-46 to NA-48, Punjab's constituencies will start from Attock's NA-49 and end at NA-189 in Rajanpur. Furthermore, Sindh's lower house seats will start from NA-190 Jacobabad and continue till NA-250 Karachi. While Balochistan's constituencies will be from NA-251 to NA-266. 

The Balochistan Assembly will have 65 seats overall out of which 51 will be general seats, KP Assembly will have 145 seats out of which 115 will be general seats. 

Punjab will have 371 seats out of which 297 will be general seats while the Sindh Assembly will have 168 seats out of which 130 will be general seats.

The ECP said that a constituency of KP Assembly will consist of 308,713 voters, Punjab Assembly 370,336, Sindh Assembly 368,112 and Balochistan Assembly 241,864. 

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