Ayubia lost attraction for tourists as chairlift remains closed for last 10 months

The failure of KP government and Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) to make chairlift operational  is causing huge financial losses to local businesses

The Ayubia Chairlift is a major attraction for tourists in the summer months. The tourists visit Ayubia from all over the country to spend quality time with friends and families. Ayubia is covered with beautiful lush green forest. But the major attraction is the chairlift. Compare to the Patriata and other chairlifts in Galiyat, Ayubia is the cheapest.

For last 10 months, this major tourist attraction is not operational due to safety issues. The GDA closed the chairlift 10 months ago to repair it or replace it. But since October 2021, no work has been initiated to fix the problem and to make the chairlift operational. As the result, tourists now avoid visiting Ayubia and local businesses are suffering.

 The local businesses largely depend on the tourists from May to September to earn their living. The incompetence and indifferent attitude of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government and Galiyat Development Authority (GDA) has caused Ayubia, the most famous tourist spot of Galiyat, to be deserted by tourists. Thousands of local families depend on tourism to survive and to earn their livelihood.

But local shopkeepers, hotel owners and restaurants are waiting for the tourists to arrive but very few people are visiting this famous tourist attraction. The KP government should fix this issue immediately on priority basis. 


The PTI government in KP claims that it has been encouraging the tourism in the province but what is happening in the Ayubia is contrary to the claims. The chairlift was closed in October 2021 due to safety concerns as the chairlift had become old. It was built in 1965 almost 57 years ago. It needed major overhauling or replacement. But nothing really has been done to make it operational again in last 10 months.

Galiyat Development Authority spokesman issued the following statement 10 months ago; in which he said that the chairlift has become too old and is now dangerous for tourists. Furthermore, GDA Director General Raza Ali Khan said the chairlift was installed in 1965 and now it has lived its life. “Hundreds of tourists daily enjoyed it but now Galiyat Development Authority has decided to close it,” he added.

Moreover, Raza Ali Habib also said in a statement that after negotiation with the foreign operator, it has been decided to halt the operation of the Ayubia chairlift with immediate effect and it would reopen after replacement of old chairlift with new and modern one. 

But local people are still waiting for the proper repair or replacement of the chairlift. The KP government had ample time to fix the chairlift before the start of the season but the government and GDA simply ignored it. And now local communities are suffering as the result. 

                                                                Rukhsana Manzoor Deputy Editor


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