PPP is winning big in Sindh local government elections 2022 as PTI and JUI-F wiped out

 PPP is sweeping elections in both urban and rural areas of Sindh in 14 districts as opposition parties failed to gain ground in these districts

PPP is winning big in all the 14 districts of Sindh where first phase of local government elections was held. PPP candidates have won most of the seats in municipal corporations, municipal committees, town committees and district councils and union councils in all the districts. PPP has won 370 out 498 seats of general councilors announced so far. There are total 694 general councilor seats.

The opposition alliance of PTI, GDA, JUI-F SUP has won nearly 70 seats combine while 42 independents also won their seats.  GDA has won 52 seats of general councilors. GDA has emerged as the main opposition party in Sindh but lagging far behind.
 PTI has almost wiped out as it has won just 9 seats so far. The voters in Sindh has rejected the PTI in the first phase of local government elections 2022.  
PPP has won 194 out of 251 seats of municipal committees so far. The opposition parties and independents combine won 57 seats. There are 354 total seats of municipal committees.   
PPP has won the clear majority in Sukkur, Larkana and Mirpur Khas municipal corporations. PPP has also swept elections in most of the municipal and town committees. In most of the districts, this is a one sided election as PPP dominated it. PPP has once again proved that it is the most popular political party in Sindh. PTI was expecting to perform better to gain some ground in rural Sindh but it performed poorly.  
                                                              Khalid Bhatti election cell insight247.news

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