PML-N is leading in 15 constituencies out of 20 while PTI in 05 in Punjab by polls

PML-N needs 09 seats to retain Hamza Shahbaz as CM Punjab while PTI needs 13 needs to elect Ch Pervaiz Ilahi as CM Punjab on Jul 17 by polls 

The results of bypolls on 20 provincial assembly seats in Punjab on 17 July will decide the fate of Hamza Shahbaz and Ch Pervaiz Ilahi. The voters in 20 constituencies will decide who will rule the Punjab for next one year. The term of Punjab Assembly will end in August 2023. So these are do or die elections for both PML-N and PTI.
PML-N is leading in PP-7 Rawalpindi, PP- 83 Khushab, PP-90 Bhakkar, PP-125 Jhang, PP-140 Sheikhupura, PP-158 Lahore, PP-167 Lahore, PP- 168 Lahore, PP-202 Sahiwal, PP- 217 Multan,PP-228 Lodhran, PP- 237 Bahawalnagar, PP- 272 Muzaffargarh, PP-273 Muzaffargarh and PP-288 DG Khan. 
PTI is leading in PP-97 Faisalabad, PP-127 Jhang, PP-170 Lahore, PP-224 Lodhran, PP- 282 Layyah.  
 Hamza Shahbaz needs 09 more seats to remain CM Punjab while Ch Pervaiz Ilahi needs 13 more seats to defeat hamza Shahbaz and elect CM Punjab on July 22. According to the surveys conducted by election cell, PML-N is leading in 15 constituencies while PTI is leading in 05. But 10 days still left in the by-elections and few closely contested seats can change hands in next 10 days. We will make the final predictions July 15two days before the polling. 
PPP and PDM parties are supporting the PML-N candidates in all the 20 constituencies. PTI is supported by PML-Q and some smaller parties. 
11 out of 20 seats were won by independent candidates in 2018 general elections after defeating both PTI and PML-N candidates. They joined the PTI after winning the elections. The 9 seats were won by PTI candidates who later turned against PTI and formed Tareen group. So in fact, PTI will defend its 09 seats while independents who are contesting on PML-N ticket now will defend their 11 seats. A close is expected on at least 12 seats.  
PML-N has clear advantage in 11 constituencies while it facing a neck to neck fight and leading narrowly in 04 constituencies. These four seats can change hand  as the result of better campaigning in last 10 days. PTI chairman Imran Khan himself is leading the campaign and addressing election rallies in different constituencies. Marriyum Nawaz is leading the PML-N campaign and addressing public rallies.  
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed to hold the second round of CM election on July 22 to elect the CM Punjab. Hamza Shabaz was elected CM Punjab on April 16 with bagging 197 votes. The Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified 20 MPAs of PTI for violating the party policy and voting for Hamza Shahbaz.
 PML-N now has the support of 177 MPAs and Ch Pervaiz Ilahi has the support of 173 MPAs. 186 votes are required to become the CM Punjab in the house of  
For PML-N, 15 seats are more than enough to elect the current CM Punjab Hamza Shabaz  in the second round of polling for CM Punjab elections. PML-N needs 09 seats out of 20 seats on the grab to retain the position of CM Punjab. 
                                                         Khalid Bhatti election cell 

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