Sri Lankan president and PM resigns after protestors stormed presidential palace and other buildings

The political and economic crisis deepens in Sri Lanka as it facing food, petrol and medicine shortages after the default

Both the president and prime minister of Sri Lanka have resigned after the eruption of massive angry protests in capital Colombo. The thousands of angry protestors stormed the presidential palace, parliament house and other government buildings against the food and energy shortages, skyrocketing prices and mismanagement of the economy. 

The President Gotabaya Rajapaksa flees the presidential palace before the protestors entered into it. He was escorted by the navy and taken to a navy ship in the southern waters of the country. He has issued a statement in which he announced to resign on July 13. The angry protestors could be seen in the parts of presidential palace looking for president.

he Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has also resigned and now in the hiding. His private house in Colombo has been stormed by the protestors.

They set on fire the parts of his house. All the political parties represented in the parliament agreed to form the national unity government in the country.  

Both the prime minister and president have failed to solve the severe economic crisis and to secure a bailout package from IMF. The Sri Lanka defaulted on its external debt of $51 billion few months ago. There is acute shortage of basic necessities of life including food, petrol, medicines and electricity. The skyrocketing prices of food and energy has made the life of ordinary people miserable. 

The public transport has been halted due to the shortage of petrol. The schools have been closed.  The normal life has severely been disrupted from many months. The angry people want the government to fix the problems to resume the normal life. The farmers have no fertiliser, diesel and seeds to cultivate their land. The food shortage has become a new normal. 

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